The working group has completed it's task and submitted a report and recommendations to the Central Council for Church Bellringers.   This website is minimally maintained as an archive and a benchmark to measure future progress.


1970s/1980s perspective

I was encouraged to call touches at my tower. I felt at that time when the feminist movement was on the rise that I had try and ring back bells/call stuff to represent women in general, and did try doing this. However as far as the calling went, I came to feel that I personally did not have a highly mathematical brain (although I do have a science degree) and whilst I could transpose coursing orders on paper, I was not good at doing this whilst ringing. I also found it quite stressful to be in a position of carrying responsibility for a touch or quarter, so was happy to withdraw from conducting. As far as ringing back bells went, I was quite good at being a rhythm-setter but not particularly fit or athletic. My one attempt at a peal on a 35cwt bell came to grief when I became exhausted and had to stop after 3 hours with only 30 mins to go (a salutory lesson that willpower was not enough)! However I did feel that I was quite good at ringing smaller tenors - say 12cwt sort of area. It was very noticeable that women were never placed on these bells in peals at that time, it was always assumed that they should ring round the front. I think this is my only area of regret and frustration, that I could have done more back-end ringing on light rings when I was young and so built up my expertise at this.