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Am I too old?

My experience was that the discrimination when I learned to ring (started 1999) was on the grounds of age rather than gender.

I started in my mid 40s in a rural area (with what I now know was TERRIBLE teaching!). I wasn't living that far from Birmingham - if only I had known......

However, the youngsters who were learning at the same time as me were given ALL the opportunities for quarters and peals, etc. Luckily for me I then moved away from the discrimination. I have had 21 years' enjoyment from my ringing (during which I have reached by the skin of my teeth surprise max), which could have been so much more enjoyable (and less pain) had I started off with better teaching.

The only time I see any discrimination (and I don't think it is conscious) is when visiting towers where we are not known and my husband is always offered the tenor and I am not! On occasions when I have felt I would like to ring the tenor and have asked for it, I have never been refused.