The working group has completed it's task and submitted a report and recommendations to the Central Council for Church Bellringers.   This website is minimally maintained as an archive and a benchmark to measure future progress.


Be proactive

If you notice bias you can, and should, take steps to counter it.

For example, in the context of bias against women, you can organise some female only bands. I have done so and it has prompted women to conduct and/or ring something that they would not usually get the chance to ring. I had comments about the different feel in the room (in a positive way) when ringing with an all-female band. And I have had women say they were trying something they wouldn't be prepared to try in front of some of our strong male ringers.

I love ringing with good ringers, male or female. It seems that some positive discrimination might help develop more strong ringers and conductors which will benefit everyone.