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Women leading by example .... and men not noticing the example!!!!

I once organised a few days ringing with a group of people, most of whom were working on a new (to us) surprise major method from the
Pickled Egg Project. I ran the first session and mostly invited the women, in turn, to call each piece of ringing, as there were more women in the group. I also encouraged them to ring round the back end. The next few sessions I asked other women to run, in turns. It was very noticeable that they also invited a woman to call, as much as if not more than, the men present. I was deliberately making it a gender discrimination in favour of women, because I get fed up of it always being the other way round.

I particularly remember one man running a session and doing the same, but another who habitually called everything himself or invited another man to do so, and monopolised the tenor in the Special method. Until I, getting fed up with his errors, which often caused us to fire out, announced it was my turn.... grabbed it, and showed him how to do it!!! I had not stated my plan to involve more women but they ran with it, some a little timidly, and one man was obviously oblivious to his gender discrimination.