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Women, men and bell ringing

I am very new to bell ringing and still a learner in my view (circa 3 years since walking into a bell tower for the very first time to date) and I read the story titled 'Overbearing male instructors' with some alarm, because I have had opportunity to practice at different towers and can say all my instructors have been mostly men. I found them for the most part understanding and willing to ensure that I cultivated the correct habits yet firm (there's nothing wrong with being firm in my humble opinion). No one wants any injury as a result of ringing and so each instructor should instil a healthy respect for bell handling for the safety of all!

On occasion, my interaction with some female instructors was less than welcoming in my very early days and had it not been for the males in some groups I may have been put off.

All the above is just to illustrate the fact that we all differ from person-to-person in how we teach, instruct, receive instruction/ correction etc., and we should steer away from generalising based solely on gender. In the different towers I have been to, I never felt or noticed any sentiments about gender imbalance. I do feel that any gender that can demonstrate ability and willingness to serve in whatever capacity should feel free to do so. I would not like to see a situation where the discussion deteriorates to a gender battle/ war as it sometimes is, in the workplace - I  love bell ringing too much and hope to see it endure and thrive well into the future.