The working group has completed it's task and submitted a report and recommendations to the Central Council for Church Bellringers.   This website is minimally maintained as an archive and a benchmark to measure future progress.


Another Tale!

I learnt to ring at a twelve bell tower in the mid 70’s, where we had a predominantly female band and a female tower captain.  We were
quite organised, some of us learnt to conduct some of us learnt to ring round the back end; it worked for several years.

I for one found it a little odd when we went out to other towers especially in the 1970’s and 1980’s and got some very unwelcome comments from mainly the elderly gentlemen when we rang heavy bells, usually better than they did! Most of us still ring but have married or have had/have partners that love ringing heavy bells and enjoy conducting……generally we have all stopped calling and ring round the middle or front!  It has been a sub-conscious move, not something that has been actively encouraged by any of the gentleman

My daughter is now ringing and sees no obstacles, I just wonder what and where she will be ringing in 10 or so years’ time.