The working group has completed it's task and submitted a report and recommendations to the Central Council for Church Bellringers.   This website is minimally maintained as an archive and a benchmark to measure future progress.


Opportunities and self-motivation

I was taught to ring in my thirties at a local village church. After a few years, I started calling changes, touches and QPs, mostly out of necessity. Together with pen and paper, and relying very heavily on Steve Coleman’s books, by way of encouragement, a lot of progress was made. I found that I would defer to (better) ringers, but would push myself if nobody else was available, telling myself it didn’t matter if we failed, because at least we’d tried! I discovered that I loved teaching, and ringing peals (although I’ve only conducted one). I encouraged ringers to try all bells, with the emphasis always on good technique. I really enjoy ringing heavy bells, although I’ve often found a composition to call from a lighter bell, e.g. from the 6 of an 8. This is down to confidence, and always trying to find the best person available for the job. I have always found a lot of encouragement and support within the ringing community.